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Andrew, Meredith, and Noa first met at a job interview on a hot August day in 2009. After about 15 minutes of conversation, it was apparent to all parties that at the very least, we were going to be friends. What we couldn’t have anticipated was that we’d continue to work together in creative collaboration for nearly 13 years (and counting!).

Over the years, we have supported one another in our various creative undertakings:  if one is shooting, another is assisting and the third is playing digital tech. This level of seamless cooperation and trust has enabled a workflow that is practically clairvoyant, resulting in beautifully multifaceted visuals for our clients. In our commercial endeavors, we have been very fortunate to travel the world together and share once-in-a-lifetime experiences.   

Together, as Bookhouse Collective, we strive to bring this same degree of care and dedication to imagery that is personal, intimate, and precious. We might get a little misty at your wedding, and we’ll definitely laugh with you when your dad tells a joke. It’s because we really, truly enjoy connecting with people and sharing in their experiences.


We hope to meet you soon! 

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Andrew Zaeh - Commercial Portfolio

Meredith Truax - Commercial Portfolio

Noa Griffel - Commercial Portfolio

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